Sunday, 3 October 2010

10 Random Facts About Me!

I am a regular reader of Notes From The Frugal Trenches blog and have been tagged in her 10 Random Facts about me post. So in keeping with the spirit of the tag, here is 10 Random facts about me!

1) I have a weird crush on James May from Top Gear.

2) I don't have a television.

3) I am ambidextrous and can write and do most things with both left and right hands, while I write with my left, my right is stronger for most other things and I can write well with my right also- although don't generally unless I have to!

4) I have to have quiet to sleep and the slightest noise wakes me up.

5) I hate olives.

6) I find it difficult to meet new people, my DH is much better at that than me, so moving to a new area has been fantastic, but also so hard as I have left behind all my wonderful friends I saw every day.

7) I dream of one day owning our own little piece of land and having our own smallholding and working hard at living our self sufficient life.

8) I can do bobbin-lace and started when I was in primary school about the age of 7.

9) I can play the piano and the clarinet. I would love the learn the violin and also join a choir.

10) I love listening to The Archers on radio 4 and also to Audio Story cassette's/cd's. I particuarly like Adrian Mole by Sue Townsend- I have nearly all of them on cassette I've bought at various times from Charity/Thrift shops :)

Done! :)

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